EV Value Chain

The transition to more electrified automotive powertrains represents both a huge challenge and opportunity for the automotive sector over the coming years.

Governments all over the world including the UK are looking at increasingly tough targets around new car sales to support the development of the EV market.

In the UK, registrations of EVs of all types still remain a small percentage of the total. However, this is accelerating as more consumers more to electrified products and is expected to dominate powertrain choices in the future. 

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Source: SMMT

This trend isn’t limited to the UK. Key export markets around the world are expected to introduce increasingly challenging emissions regulations which will put pressure on manufacturers to deliver more EVs. This in turn means there is a significant opportunity for the UK manufacturing supply chain to capitalise on, one that makes the most of a once in a generation transition in technology.

According to the Advanced Propulsion Centre, by 2025 the UK will have £24bn of opportunity connected to the supply of EV batteries, power electronics and electric machines.

Below you can find some of the companies that can meet these opportunities, companies that fit within the EV Value Chain.


EV Value Chain

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1 - Vehicle raw materials

This section contains suppliers of raw materials required for vehicle and battery manufacturing.

1.1 - Raw Materials

2 - Battery cell manufacturing

This section contains suppliers that are linked to battery cell manufacturing.

2.1 - Battery cell components

2.2 - Battery cell

2.3 - Cell assembly

3 - Component manufacturing

This section contains suppliers of component manufacturing.

3.1 - Battery module components

3.2 - Battery module

3.3 - Battery components

3.4 - Module assembly / manufacturing

4 - Battery pack assembly

This section contains suppliers of battery pack assembly.

4.1 - Battery pack components

4.2 - Battery pack

4.3 - Pack assembly / manufacturing

4.4 - Battery chemistries

5 - EV component manufacture and assembly

This section contains suppliers of EV manufacturing. 

5.1 - Electric power storage & processing

5.2 - Electric vehicle drive systems

5.3 - Energy storage/ recovery

5.4 - Fuel cell systems

5.5 - Electric/ hybrid transmissions & fuel cells

6 - EV component recycling

This section contains suppliers that can recycle batteries.

6.1 - Battery recycling