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Meet the Buyer Open Request

One of our buyers who will be joining our SMMT Meet the Buyer May 2021 is looking for suppliers who can supply automotive plastics scrap with the aim to process the plastics scrap back into the industry or back into other areas such as the packaging the industry uses in vast quantities.

If you can assist please complete the form below and follow the next steps to ensure you have Expressed your Interest to join the SMMT Meet the Buyer May 2021 digital event.

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Please ensure you have completed the below form to ensure we have a list of suppliers for our buyer.

MBA Polymers UK Limited manufacture high quality, reliable, innovative and sustainable recycled polymers for the automotive industry and are looking for new potential suppliers of post-industrial plastic waste in the UK.

Step 2 - Express your Interest

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Step 3 - Register to attend

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As part of the registration suppliers will need to pay the administrative fee of £200 (free for SMMT members) to confirm your company’s EOI submission.

Please note: If a company is unsuccessful in securing meetings, the registration fee will be refunded after the event.

Step 4 - Update your company information

Please ensure your company profile is up-to-date and as accurate as possible. This information will be used by the buyers to find your company listing. Please create a short Meet the Buyer profile to ensure you stand out from other suppliers.


Closed Requests 2021 

Warehouse Capacity

An SMMT member is looking for a company with warehouse capacity to store approximately 80 pallets of product on a temporary basis, due to disrupted supplies from the EU.

  • Period for warehouse storage: 3rd week of February for 2 months.
  • Warehouse capacity: 80 pallets of product.
  • Idea location: South West region (England, UK), but they are open to areas further afield (UK only).
  • Deadline of response: 8 February 2021


Ford Otosan

We have been made aware of a business opportunity to potentially supply into a vehicle manufacturer in Turkey. Ford Otosan is looking for new potential suppliers based in the UK. This opportunity was mentioned at SMMT’s webinar back in December 2020.

Supplier requirements

  • UK based manufacturers with end-to-end responsibility for the manufacturing, quality and warranty for their components.
  • Volumes – depending on the commodity but in the range of 10 – 700k per annum.
  • Quality standards – IATF 16949, Ford Q1 preferable.

Commodity areas
Please see commodity areas below but please note:

  • Electrification – suppliers for electrification parts
  • Technical – opportunity for UK competitive suppliers that would like to develop a partnership with a manufacturer based in Turkey.
  • No supply base - any UK-based suppliers considering a new footprint/partnership in Turkey. 

Please complete the below form to be part of the list of suppliers.