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Open Requests 2023


Closed Requests 2021

Ford Otosan

We have been made aware of a business opportunity to potentially supply into a vehicle manufacturer in Turkey. Ford Otosan is looking for new potential suppliers based in the UK. This opportunity was mentioned at SMMT’s webinar back in December 2020.

Supplier requirements

  • UK based manufacturers with end-to-end responsibility for the manufacturing, quality and warranty for their components.
  • Volumes – depending on the commodity but in the range of 10 – 700k per annum.
  • Quality standards – IATF 16949, Ford Q1 preferable.

Commodity areas
Please see commodity areas below but please note:

  • Electrification – suppliers for electrification parts
  • Technical – opportunity for UK competitive suppliers that would like to develop a partnership with a manufacturer based in Turkey.
  • No supply base - any UK-based suppliers considering a new footprint/partnership in Turkey. 


Warehouse Capacity

An SMMT member is looking for a company with warehouse capacity to store approximately 80 pallets of product on a temporary basis, due to disrupted supplies from the EU.

  • Period for warehouse storage: 3rd week of February for 2 months.
  • Warehouse capacity: 80 pallets of product.
  • Idea location: South West region (England, UK), but they are open to areas further afield (UK only).
  • Deadline of response: 8 February 2021


MBA Polymers UK

One of our buyers who will be joining our SMMT Meet the Buyer May 2021 is looking for suppliers who can supply automotive plastics scrap with the aim to process the plastics scrap back into the industry or back into other areas such as the packaging the industry uses in vast quantities.


KAMAZ is seeking potential UK suppliers for a range of new electrified truck and bus products. 

The KAMAZ Group of Companies is the largest automobile corporation in the Russian Federation. KAMAZ PTC is one of the world's top 20 heavy duty truck producers and ranks 16th by production volumes of heavy-duty trucks with GVW exceeding 16 tonnes. Production capacity is 71 thousand vehicles a year.

KAMAZ is seeking to partner with suppliers who can develop, manufacture, supply or who are technology providers for the below products:

  1. Energy storage solutions:
    • Electric drive transmissions
    • Electric voltage blocks,
    • Invert circuits
  2. Autonomous transport:
    • Identification/recognition algorithms,
    • Algorithms for autonomous driving,
    • Software for autonomous vehicles
  3. Designing hydrogen vehicles:
    • Everything ranging from fuel cells up to technologies


Closed Requests 2022

ARZYZ Metals

We have been made aware of a business opportunity to potentially supply to a aluminium and recycling manufacturer in Mexico. ARZYZ Metals is looking for new potential suppliers of heavy goods vehicles and construction equipment. This opportunity was raised by the SMMT International Team in July 2022.

Supplier requirements

  • Suppliers with availability of heavy goods vehicles and construction equipment for their facilities/processes.
  • Volumes – depending on the commodity but around or over 200 units.
  • Shipping Capabilities - ability to ship goods to their facilities in Mexico.

Click through the gallery to view ARZYZ Metals'  Equipment Specifications.



Azienda Trasporti Milanesi (ATM)

SMMT has been made aware of a new opportunity with Azienda Trasporti Milanesi for the supply of up to 340 battery-electric city buses in Milan, Italy. The buses will be category M3, class I, 12 and 18 metres with a fully low-floor. The tender requirements include full service.

  • The first lot consists on the supply of 205 battery-electric buses, approximately 12 metres long, in a 3 double-door configuration, including full-service maintenance. The duration of the contract, which is non-renewable, is 202 months.
  • The second lot is also non-renewable, but has a slightly shorter framework agreement duration (199 months). It consists of the supply of 105 electric, battery-powered buses of approximately 18 metres, in a 4 double-door configuration, including full-service maintenance. 
  • Finally, the third, with a duration of 3 years non-renewable. This is a three-year framework agreement for the supply of up to 30 e-buses for city service of about 12 metres, in 2-door and 3-door configuration with a minimum guarantee of 2 years on the entire vehicle.